I’m a Mac head in a PC office…

That is to say I grin and bear it five days a week when I put on my data analyst hat. I had vowed off PC’s in 2002 thanks to the Dell Dimension 8100 and Microsoft ME, but with a software program used at work that only runs on a PC, I am bound to Michael Dell once again. Now it’s not all that bad. XP is leagues better than ME ever was and neat things can be done with widgets and the like. My allegiance in personal computing matters remains firmly in the Apple category; however, I have learned how to appreciate and negotiate many things Microsoft.

I am an unlikely member of the yuppie IT professional group. My background is in entertainment, media, and gender studies, yet my current surrounding is littered with Excel, Access, Fireworks, and World of Warcraft. I am a computer geek, or quickly traveling down that path.

This blog will chronicle my often hilarious journey through the world of data analysis and all things IT.

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2 thoughts on “I’m a Mac head in a PC office…

  1. 2mainprofessions says:

    Welcome…young one…welcome.

  2. diremirth says:

    It has taken a year, but finally I see the way.

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