Welcome to Stars Hollow

Thanks to the suggestions of a few friends and my sister I have begun my journey into East Coast living. Nearly every day for a month now I have watched Lorelei and Rory exchange well-timed witticisms. I like the “Gilmore Girls.” It’s true. I know what your thinking – how can a self-identified “X-Philer” and Buffy fan possibly leave the realm of the fantastical and be content simply watching perfect upper-middle class life saunter by in a Chilton uniform? I don’t know either. If I had to take a guess I would again blame the writing. The show is so well written and executed even Scully would have to concede that though it is unlikely, something unexplainable has happened – the WB hosts the best show on TV I’ve seen since 2002.

Gilmore Girls – ***** 5/5

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