Ma’assalama my Friend


I feel as if I am bidding farewell to an old friend today. “The Rough Guide to Egypt” has been, perhaps, the most useful book I have ever owned. I found the information contained in its well researched pages to be spot on. Dining suggestions were great, the historical info was helpful, the maps accurate, prices were current, really you couldn’t ask for more in a guidebook.

My Rough Guild lived well here in Egypt. It served its purpose and is now somewhere at the bottom of my suitcase. Now my bag containes the Lonley Planet Guides to Greece and Athens. We’ll see if they can come close to greatness of the Rough Guide. Big shoes to fill there, big shoes indeed.


I feel that I have been living by guidebook for so long, telling me where to eat, sleep, and what to do for two months now, that I will require a Rough Guide to the USA when I get home. How else where I know where to eat and what is meant by all the crazy American culture? Ah well, my bookself at home will have a nice edition when I get back. The Rough Guide to Egypt can cozy on up next to the Rough Guide to Kenya where they can talk about their greatness and collect dust.

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One thought on “Ma’assalama my Friend

  1. Hi Emilee
    That’s a nice buzz to see how much you like the Rough Guides. Hope you’re having a good time in Greece. And if you ever want to try out the RG to the USA, just ask.

    All best wishes,

    Richard Trillo
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