Domain and Server Space – Check

Well I now have space and I have a name (pending my server authentication which will take 24 hours). This is good.

My excitement has now turned into fear. Once I moved my domain over to my server they said I could begin uploading files? Oh, dear. What have I gotten myself into? What files? I haven’t written them yet. Do I need a program to write them? EEEK!

This is where I take a deep breath and say that I don’t have to figure it out today. Sounds easy enough, but to someone like me (who becomes consumed with projects in the fun category) it is torture. I know nothing. I am standing alone in the woods without a compass or canteen. This is the fear I was talking about.

To make myself feel better I thought I would download and install Bad idea. Turns out there is not even an application for it. The install.php file did not work. I have all of these files that are just sitting on my computer. Fear again.

No worries though. As with most things in my life I will just walk right in, have a seat, and ask my neighbor what I’ve missed. After I read my case file for moot court of course…and do my homework. I reckon that it is pretty difficult to actually crash the internet. I just need to read some books on Web Development 101. I’ll figure it out.

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One thought on “Domain and Server Space – Check

  1. Jesse says:

    🙂 Hint: You need to upload the contents of your wordpress download to your host. Then run the install file. No more hints.

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