Starting a Website is…well, Complicated

I have recently become very excited about creating my own website. A few independent consulting jobs, lots of photos, a blog, and a desire to learn how to do some web developing have me really excited about building my own site. Unlike working for actual clients, since this site is by me and for me I don’t suppose I’ll care too much when I can’t get the code right or I crash my computer five times in a row because CSS and I just don’t get along. I want to learn how to do it on my own (with the help of some friends and online forums of course).

Last week I began this adventure by testing out one of Google Labs adventures, Google Page Creator. It was fantastic. I created this semi-groovy little site for myself which you can see here if you want. I felt limited though. Suddenly in my life I have outgrown pre-made website “looks” and style sheets developed by others. I need more. I want more. Granted, Google’s selection of cookie-cutter web page designs were much better than say WordPress’ (no offense, I love WP and will be moving over to as soon as I get this all figured out), but they still did not give me the freedom I want when creating a site. This is when I decided to jump right on off the cliff and made the commitment to build my own site.

Naturally the next step is to buy some storage space and get a domain name. Storage space seemed easy. I consulted one of my former co-workers, trusty advisor in all things technology and gaming related, and found Six dollars a month for crazy amounts of space! Nice…If you use PC’s apparently. I still need to contact their support people, but from the looks of it godaddy only goes if you run Microsoft or Lunix. Bummer.

Domain names would seem easy too, wouldn’t they? I was going to be super creative and go with I know it’s not terribly inventive, but it works. After being disappointed that godaddy did not support Mac’s I did take advantage of their “search for domain availability” option. Key in emileepreble and its ALL READY TAKEN!! And who do you think the fool is that registered the name??? Uh, that would be me.

A little history…

When I worked as a data analyst my co-conspirators and I were always beta testing one thing or another. It was usually great. We used GoogleEarth while it was still in the labs, had IE7 long before it was out…I even beta tested Office 2007. It was all good fun. And somewhere in that fun I also gave Microsoft Office Live a spin. I didn’t use it very long. It was an okay product that I could only work on in the office because it will not run on an Apple. The one thing it did do was require me to choose a domain name. Again, in my vast creativity I created (*shoots self it foot)

Today I walk myself up to the computer lab in the law library where I can use a PC (b/c I can’t use Office Live on my computer…grr) to try and close my Office Live account. As usually happens with Microsoft this song and dance goes on forever. In the end do I find a way to close my account? No. I tried to close the account in general but could not do that b/c there is an email account attached which I am supposed to close separately. Try to close the email but this fails b/c it is part of a larger site. In order to close said site you have to “contact the domain administrator” who’s contact info is, naturally, not listed anywhere. I want to scream.

In summation, I remain super excited about trying to build my own site. It’s not starting off too well, but sometimes that’s just the way it goes. Annoying things happen, domain names are taken (sometimes by your own self), not all programs run on a Mac, but at the end of the day it is an adventure…and that is exactly what I like about it.

How do we feel about

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2 thoughts on “Starting a Website is…well, Complicated

  1. Jesse says:

    The Windows or Linux hosting only applies to the operating system of the server your website will reside on. You can have whatever OS you want to. Your website files will be sitting on some server farm in Orlando, or possibly Perth.

    If you choose Windows OS, you will be working with ASP webpages (.asp) or possibly .net applications (.aspx). If you choose Linux, you will be working in PHP (.php). If you like wordpress, then you will probably want the Linux host – wordpress is in .php. I think php is better (it’s usually cheaper) and it will be a great choice for a mac chick like you. 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. Diremirth says:

    Do you see why he a trusty advisor folks?! 🙂

    Thanks, Jesse! I will be going the Linux route in a few short hours. I also think Linux is a cooler word than Windows. I know what a window is…but what is a Linux? It’s unclear…which is kinda cool. I am also still grumpy with Microsoft over the whole domain thing. I realize my decision making at this point is glorified pouting.

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