In Your Honor

In Your HonorOne by One

As always I find myself behind the times as far as music goes. I usually stumble upon artists that were famous or popular years before. This always make me sound like such a loser when I hang out with my buddies and say, “have you heard (insert band name here)? They rock.” I am rewarded with a blank stares, a chuckle, and then “well yeah…they were so 1992.” There is an important lesson here folks: you can’t make old music new music.

In my defense, I have been wrapped up in the folk/bluegrass genre for a long time now. It was fun, and I still love it…but now I really just want to hear people scream and jam out to righteous riffs. This brings me to the Foo Fighters.

They are fantastic! I have no idea what “foo flighting” is, but it is sort of fitting for them. I will elaborate on this in a moment. I have two of their albums to date: In Your Honor and One by One. One by One is great, and has my favorite Foo Fighting song “Lonely as You.” Even in its coolness it does not come close to the greatness that is In Your Honor.

I love singers who can scream. I am not really sure why. I can’t scream when I sing, so I know I just sound terrible when I am jamming with them in my Jeep but I love it anyway. The lead Foo Fighter is a great singer/screamer. In juxtaposition to most other screaming bands (think Saliva) their songs are not dark. In fact, most of their songs are about not fearing death, honor, pride, and the like. Very groovy themes not used very much in music. In my mind the Foo Fighters are like modern-day knights who are noble and filled with honor. This is why I think “Foo Fighters” is an appropriate name. It’s like the Muskateers, the Ninja Turtles, or the Samuari. They are noble Foo Fighters bringing righteous tunes wherever they go. I need to buy more albums.

In Your Honor, Best Songs: No Way Back, DOA, The Last Song

One by One, Best Songs: Lonely as You, Times Like These

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