Lawyer. Solider. WNEC Alum.

Today my International Criminal Law class had a guest lecturer. The speaker, who will be teaching four more of my classes, was Major Michael Mori (US Marines). Major Mori looks suprisingly young for his 42 years and was a very engaging speaker.

Humanitarian Law was the topic. In case you are not familiar with the term, Humanitarian Law is basically the politically correct umbrella for all things falling under the Rules of War. As you can imagine the topic is very interesting and the source of much debate. Major Mori was the perfect person to lecture on the subject as he has worked at Guantanamo Bay and is most noted for being David Hicks’ defense attorney.

David Hicks was a big blemish on the Americans Guantanamo track record. It was a bit unclear as to why Hicks was being held…was he a POW? Was he a civilian? If he was just a civilian why was he not extradited to his home country, Australia? As an American defending Hicks, Major Mori caught a lot of heat. In my opinion, for DOING HIS JOB. Which was, of course, to defend his client. He is an attorney after all, JAG or not.

Ah, well. David is safely back in the land down under finishing the final year of his eight year sentence in an Australian prison, and Major Mori will be joining us for a few more classes. I look forward to hearing more of what he has to say. For a military man he has an incredibly refreshing, critical, and real view of Americas actions in the Iraq conflict and handling of POW’s at Guantanamo.

Did I mention he got his J.D. from WNEC!!! How crazy is that?!?! We had a moment over Art Leavens.

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