MySQL and FTP Pwn’d (kinda)

After a weekend of Greek Festival fun, a wedding in southeGreecern Indiana, and coding until the end of time yesterday I am finally blessed with a smidge of what some call “free time.” It’s not exactly free. I still have oodles of homework to do, but I did just submit a HUGE portion of research for my consulting gig and don’t need to start on the next batch for a week or so. What does this mean? I get to play with my website of course! 🙂

First, I have to take a moment to sing the praises of In spite of their hideous homepage (think of the worst myspace page you’ve seen and then think of it as a homepage for a business) they are a great company to work with. Yesterday I got a call from Scott at GoDaddy who just wanted to make sure all was well with my account. We got me set-up with some anti-spam privacy goodness, he gave me tips of good resources for n00b web-development, and he sent me a personal email just in case I ever had any issues. If I have not said it enough, let me say it again: IT people rawk.

Today I had a chance to sit down and read through some of the ‘how to set-up your web-page stuff’ GoDaddy sent me and I was fairly successful. I used TextEdit to create an index page in html. I then learned what FTP was and used the free one that came with my domain-name to upload my newly created index.html file. In spite of my doubt it sort of worked. I say sort of because instead of displaying the text I wrote in html it just displays the html…but it’s a step in the right direction.

Oh, the code

After reading through the code a handful of times, comparing it to the pdf document I got it from, and scratching my head I am quite happy to say, “I just don’t know what happened.” And, then move on.

Next I went back to that tricky site and started reading all of their information on how to install WP in 5 easy steps. Easy? Eh, maybe for some. I did what they told me and now have a very groovy MySQL database and a wp_config.php file that links said file to my database. Cool!



Apparently my new File Transfer Protocol (look at me using the lingo) is not designed to handle the large data transfer required by WP set-up. That’s okay. I have lots of resources now (thank you Scott) that list a few good FREE FTP clients. ….Well, okay so only one of them is for a Mac, but still. **Smaller Roadblock** FileZilla and I are going to work together sometime soon. You know, once they get their Mac client back online!

Ah, well. I expected road blocks, setbacks, and a high lvl of confusination (my new word for my state of mind while developing for the web). Plus, it’s kind of funny that my webpage displays random html text…

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2 thoughts on “MySQL and FTP Pwn’d (kinda)

  1. Charles says:

    For a Mac FTP Client, you must download CyberDuck. As for coding, textwrangler has a built in FTP client making it super convenient to edit lots of pages, and save them straight to the server. Plus, it allows you to edit tons of files at the same time. Best of all, both the above programs are FREE…

    Happy Coding, and rawk the PHP!

  2. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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