Actions Speak Louder

My cat, Ruth is a little overweight. Not too much, but a little. She clocks in around 11 lbs. when her best weight would be, say 7. Though she carries it well, in the interest of her heath I thought it best to step in as a concerned cat owner.


The journey to better health began with some “busy balls”, cat nip, and a rubber band (who somehow became Ruth’s arch enemy). These all helped to give Ruth a little exercise. Always a good place to start on the road to more healthy lifestyle. It was not until the introduction of the diet food that Ruth put her paw down.

Imagine being unable to communicate with anyone using speech. How do you convey to your master/overlord that you are not enjoying your food anymore? To Ruth the answer was easy: systematically remove diet food from the bowl.


You see, we had to ease down the diet food path by mixing it in with her regular food. Not being a fan of the new diet food, Ruth began eating all of her regular food and then placing some of the diet pebbles outside of her bowl. This is her communicating to me that the diet food is just not desirable.

Though I understand her message, as I read it loud and clear, I simply cannot acquiesce to her request. The road to health is not easy but she will walk it. Admittedly, I am a little nervous of what she will do next when all of her regular food is gone and she is left with only the diet food. Do I have a little furry Gandhi? We’ll see…we shall see.

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3 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder

  1. Charles says:

    Go Ruth… fight the good fight! 😉

  2. Diremirth says:

    I can’t believe you are encouraging this behavior, Charles!

  3. Becky says:

    Awww…I love Ruth even though she’s a fatty and makes me sneeze! 🙂

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