Lucy Lawless-ness in Chicago

lucy1A few weeks ago I got to see Lucy Lawless in concert in Chicago. I know, I know. You are probably thinking in your mind what all the folks I told thought out loud… “Xena? The warrior princess? She sings?” After a “yes x 3” I gave them a look that conveyed, “Obviously you did not watch Celebrity Duets last fall, nor have you seen seasons 1, 3, or 5 of Xena, but whatever. We can still be friends.”

The rather confusing on-line ticket ordering system through Creation Entertainment went off line a week before the show (troublesome for late-planning law students like myself who do not schedule too far in advance). Accepting the gamble of maybe getting tickets at the door I found myself in Chicago in unseasonably warm weather (the very same warm weather that canceled the Chicago Marathon the next day).

Arriving at the venue, Buddy Guy’s Lounge, I found a very long line of Xena fans and convention goers (also taking place that weekend) patiently waiting to enter the venue. Near the back of the line, wondering if tickets were still available, I got to listen to some very interesting conversation regarding the complexities of the Ares/Xena relationship in the series and had my photo taken by Steven Sears, one of the writers on Xena. Mr. Sears was wandering around the line taking photos of people and when asked who he was he replied with a chuckle, “oh just a photo nut!”

**This is where I must pause and again say how much fun it would be to work on Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV. Writers and performers super supportive of each others work, happily chatting with fans and snapping pic’s all the while sporting a fetching Indiana Jones hat. It is so fantastic! They make me want to ask a question I rarely feel moved to ask: how do you get to do what you do? Your job is so cool!**

After getting my ticket (without any trouble), and learning the very intricate rules of Buddy Guy Lounge audience formation (which mostly involved a large man yelling, “Stay within the lines!” every now and again…yes, the lines were painted on the floor) I really enjoyed the show.

In a cabaret style Debbie Reynolds would have been proud of, Lucy put on a great show for the 200-ish audience members. Complete with costume changes. My concert companion mentioned that the second outfit resembled a lampshade (lots of fringe etc.). Though initially moved to agree, I think the little number was fabulous and more reminiscent of Cher’s Bob Mackie gowns than a light covering. I’m sure the jury is still out on that one…but you be the judge. See below.


My favorite numbers were “Delta Dawn” (were Lucy said she was going to take us to “chech”…that’s “church” with a New Zealand accent) and “People Got to be Free” (I really enjoyed the shout out to “lyre, lyre”). It was also really cool to see Joseph LoDuca (composer for Xena, Hercules, and the Evil Dead films) as the lead guitarist and band leader.

The show was a lot of fun. The audience was having a great time, and so was Lucy. It was definitely worth the trip up to Chicago. Those who know me know that I love a good story. How much fun is it to answer “What did you do this weekend?” with “Oh, I went to see Lucy Lawless in concert.” And now we’ve come full circle, because they all asked the same questions. Yes x 3: (1) Xena (2) the warrior princess (3) sings.

Oh, and if anyone knows: who is Chuy Vasquez? Clever alias? or, am I totally missing some pop culture reference?

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4 thoughts on “Lucy Lawless-ness in Chicago

  1. AK says:

    If you’re referring to the Chuy Vasquez that was a backup singer for Lucy that is Lucy’s daughter Daisy and if I remember right Lucy said at the con that she saw that name on a poster somewhere and thought it sounded cool.

  2. diremirth says:

    Thanks for the info! I thought it was her daughter, but then the name threw me a bit. 🙂 It does have a nice ring for a stage name.

  3. Charis.xX says:

    Lucy is looking good! Lucy ALWAYS guarentees a good tme! Wish I had been at this show in my home towne. xX

  4. IfeRae says:

    I agree with your assessment. Being from and living in Chicago, I was overjoyed Lucy performed here. I saw both performances as well as attended the convention — all firsts for me. I have the DVDs of her other performances and thought this was the best. More intimate and musician-oriented (probably because of LoDuca). I was glad I had a seat and didn’t have folks standing in front of me. I happened to stay after her performance. She came out, signed autographs and walked around the club for quite awhile. I went up to thank her and shake her hand and got a big hug — as did most of the others she talked to. I also got to chat a little with Daisy and online fans I’d never met in person. All in all, a wonderful experience. Glad you enjoyed yourself too.

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