Lucy Lawless Mention = Record Day for Dire Mirth

The title says it all. Normally my teeny blog gets 2-6 hits a day. Mostly my close friends who bumble about the Internet. I think a big day would maybe afford 15 visitors. Well, with my last post (regarding Lucy and her Chicago concert), that all changed.

LL = OfftheChart

Over 1,000% increase!

Wow. Now, I used to work as a data analyst (before I began the law school thing), so I know a bit about numbers and trends. It does not, however, take an analyst to notice this is a HUGE deal. The Lucy Lawless/Xena fan-base is an Internet force!

This leads me to what I believe is the next logical question: (ahem. *clears throat)

Can we have a Xena movie now please? Pretty please?

If this random law student in Indiana can have the BIGGEST day in her blog’s history simply by mentioning Lucy’s name in the title (as you’ll notice I did again in a feeble attempt to garner the attention of those with the power) is it not obvious that a movie would do well? I’ll buy a movie ticket. I’ll buy a DVD. I would even tune into the appropriate channel on the debut night to bump up those ole’ Nielsen Ratings (foregoing my DVR, which I love). I reckon the heaps of folks who read my blog over the past few days would do the same.

Just a thought. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Lucy Lawless Mention = Record Day for Dire Mirth

  1. angel says:

    Awww, LOL. Funny, I found this very entry searching for Lucy Lawless in search for any sort of news to put on my site…which is,

    dun dun DUN DUNNNN

    Lucy Lawless fan site.

    Who knew 😉

  2. Charis.xX says:

    Yup, Lucy will do that! Keep mentioning her, we will come! Haha…xX

  3. Jenn says:

    Chuy is Lucy’s daughter, Daisy

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