Battlestar Galactica Razor – A Welcome Respite from a Blah Sci-Fi Fall


Wow. Thank you Sci-Fi Channel, I really missed my show. In fact, I didn’t know how very much I missed it until I fired up my DVR late Saturday night, after many grueling hours of work, and thought I would watch a few minutes of Razor before I went to bed. Two hours later I turned off my TV and just relished in the knowledge that TV can be really, really great sometimes.

After an ok 3rd season (save the final episode) of Battlestar Galactica, a rather boring Heroes opening run (fingers crossed it’s getting better), the black hole left by Stargate SG-1’s absence, and a fairly pleasant Stargate Atlantis season (yet I am still lamenting Dr. Weir’s hasty departure to make room for Col. Carter) Sci-fi TV was a little less than it usually is. My faith in my favorite genre was restored after watching Razor.


A Bit About It: The story focuses on what happened to the Battlestar Pegasus at the beginning of the second Cylon war. We also learn what helped to make Admiral Cain the ruthless woman we met in season 2. Also, some groovy back story about Commander Adama Jr.’s stint on Pegasus, how the Cylon’s learned to make “skin-jobs”, and a bit more unsettling news about Starbuck’s “special destiny.”

What Surprised Me: (1) We got to meet the Cylon’s God. That was pretty cool, and I wasn’t expecting it at all. Sure he was a creepy old looking fella in a tub full of goo hooked up to a bunch of wires, but he is their God. I have always loved the dichotomy of the monotheistic Cylon’s and the polytheistic humans. It has allowed for some of the best culture critique from a show that excels at just that.

(2) Admiral Cain and a copy of Cylon Number 6 were “together.” Cool. It’s not like this really surprised me, per se, I mean Cain’s character definitely gave off the I-don’t-sleep-with-men vibe (as do some other BSG characters, namely Starbuck) but this time the writers and directors acknowledged the relationship. So what if it ended in betrayal, violence, and death. It was there, and a bit more honest and thought out than the Baltar/6/D’Anna triangle.

(3) Cylon God says beware of Starbuck. Yipe! I really like Starbuck, but to be honest, her “special destiny” freaks me out. Is she leading the human race to their demise? Or, was the Cylon God only saying that to instill doubt in the one person who can save humanity? I don’t know. Special destiny, though…it just sounds shifty.


The Good: Admiral Cain is a great character. I know she “died” in season two (killed by her former lover, Number 6), but it was great to see her back in action for this glimpse into Battlestar Pegasus past. She was ruthless, gritty, mean, and…well a cool character. I like her, because, though she is scary, she is a predictable scary. You make Cain mad, she shoots you in the head. Laura Roslyn is a whole other world of creepy. I adore her character, but the woman is evil and soooooo spooky. *shakes in boots Make her mad and live in fear that your next breath may or may not be your last. That and I think she is the final Cylon.

The Bad: You give me more Cain and then you taketh away. *tear Also, the introduction and subsequent dismissal of another groovy character, Major Kendra Shaw, was sad. I liked her. Too bad she adhered to Cain’s self-sacrifice/follow-orders/compete-the-mission motto, I should think I would have really enjoyed more of her. She had great chemistry with Starbuck…yin and yang of sorts.

The Lingering Questions: (1) Do the Cylon’s know that “God” is dead? More importantly, do they care and does it matter? Just in case, I would not recommend being in the room when D’Anna is un-boxed and finds out this new bit of info. She was really jonesing on the God thing, she also knows who the remaining Cylon is, and she’s a little scary. Of course, anyone who repeatedly terminates themselves in order to catch glimpses of the “truth” is frightening…not to mention tough as nails.

(2) Will Starbuck frak everything up, or save humanity?

(3) Ah yeah, why do I now have to wait until March 2008 to watch season 4 Sci-Fi Channel? Last I heard it was January 2008. Don’t toy with my emotions like that.



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3 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Razor – A Welcome Respite from a Blah Sci-Fi Fall

  1. Becky says:

    Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

  2. diremirth says:

    i love your love for the office. and that you send me email quotes from it now and again when they make references to sci-fi culture. 🙂 it makes me happy on the inside.

  3. mlah says:

    i take you are in fact watching season 4 now? my only regret is that Kendra shaw only got razor. wish she was a regular.

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