Finals Blackout for Blog


NOTICE: Dire Mirth will be dark until Dec. 19th, 2007.
Reason given: Law school finals.

The next many days will be spent in the depths of the law library packing my brain with as much material as possible. Unless the world stops spinning, I am contacted by an Australian (for the purposes of my Int’l Law final research paper), or Bruce Campbell stops by for coffee (because I’d like to think I always have time availble for coffee with Bruce) then I have no reason not to be studying in the library all day long.

coffee + bruce = 🙂


I also thought it would be fun to find a movie image that aptly conveyed how I felt about the whole finals issue. Who better to help than Sigourney Weaver? Think of me as Ellen Ripley in Aliens: scared yet resolved to kick butt. She, like myself, was terrified of her foes (granted big green aliens may be more scary than law exams but not by much), yet ready to lay them to waste.


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One thought on “Finals Blackout for Blog

  1. Charles says:

    Best of luck on your finals… I’ve personally never enjoyed test taking, but the feeling of relief once you’re finished makes it worth it!

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