Blog Attention Divided

Dire Mirth has been suffering these past few weeks due to a new hobby-blog I started.  I apologize for my divided attention.  Dire Mirth has grumpily twiddled her thumbs while I helped my other blog up on its wee little legs.  From this point forward I believe there will be no more detrimental blog division.

Why the other blog I seem to hear you ask from my speakers?  Well, its a novelty blog.

nov·el·ty [nov-uhl-tee] noun, adjective –noun

an article of trade whose value is chiefly decorative, comic, or the like and whose appeal is often transitory

I have seen friends of mine write novelty blogs over the past few years.  Some focus on World of Warcraft, others on law school, some on photography, one is even so nifty as to detail model rocketry.  All of them are very cool.  Dire Mirth is great as my general blog.  I have been very happy writing it.  Still, something was missing and it was easily filled with a specialty blog.

Admittedly, I struggled a bit with whether to post or link my new blog to this one, but after a few chats with some friends “why not?” seemed to be the best answer.

Not all of you will enjoy my novelty blog.  That is completely fine and absolutely understandable.  Feel free to even do what my buddy Becky did when she heard what my other blog was about, which was giggle hysterically for approximately 30 seconds.

Without further delay, and only if you feel like it, here is the link to Going Boldly.  It is currently all about Star Trek (as I just began my foray into watching all of the series’…yes, that’s plural), but will eventually be about all things sci-fi.   I absolutely love science fiction!  Going Boldly is a lot of fun for me to write.  It also keeps Dire Mirth from getting too geeky!


4 thoughts on “Blog Attention Divided

  1. Brian says:

    I was a huge TNG fan but never really got into the rest of the series. My one cool Star Trek “thing” is that I was on a Paramount Studios tour in Los Angeles 7 or 8 years ago and feasted my eyes upon the NEW Star Trek set! We weren’t allowed to take pictures because it was still so top secret and nobody knew what it looked like at that point. We saw it through a back lot door that was mistakenly left open. I believe it was Voyager… which one started around 7 or 8 years ago? Could’ve been more or less time than that, can’t really remember.

    Yay, Dire Mirth is not dead! More posts plz – kthxbai.

  2. diremirth says:


    I think that would have been the set of Star Trek Enterprise that you saw. It started ’round 2001 with Mr. Quantum Leap himself. Voyager started filming in 1993-94… OR it could have been from the FILM ST: Nemesis. That was the last ST movie with the cast of TNG. I think it came out in 2002…

    Totally gave away my geek status on that one…


  3. Brian says:

    It was definitely Enterprise… I remember now. I have something cool to post but this isn’t your Star Trek blog so I don’t know why I’m talking about it here. I’m heading over to Going Boldly now. Cya in a few.

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