10 Best Sci-Fi Films…According to Me

Today is Monday and I felt like making a list.  I’ve managed to stumble across some various “Top Sci-Fi Movie” lists recently and it got me thinking.  What are my favorites?  I mean this is my favorite genre and all…how could I not have a list?  To end this internal debate with myself I am making one such list.  All of these films (which are in order of preference) are my favorites.  I have not seen every sci-fi movie…  Bearing this in mind, see what I came up with…  Concurrence?  Dissent?  I love feedback!

10.  Men in Black  – The movies are hysterical!  “Edgar, your skin is hanging off your bones.”  nuf said.

9.  The Matrix  –  W-O-W.  I love the trilogy, start to finish.

8.  Minority Report – Retinal scanning.  Cars on auto-pilot.  Pre-cogs.  Cool.

7.  Aliens – All of them.  My favorite is the second film, but they all are just generally superb.

6.  Independence Day – Great sci-fi all around.  Oh, the speech Bill Pullman gives at the end to rally the troops is probably my favorite patriotic-movie speech of all time.

5.  Stargate – The film from which one of my favorite TV series is based.  *sigh.  And, there are folks who really believe the Pyramids are landing pads for spaceships.  Go to Egypt and ask a tour guide.  They will laugh at you…a lot.

4.  Serenity – Because I wish Mal was my captain, Jane was my bodyguard, and Reevers are crazy  freaky.

3.  The Fifth Element –  Mull-Tee-Pass and orange hair.  Yeah.

2.  Starship Troopers –  Almost #1 in my book.  Loved this film from the first viewing.  Made me want to join the gender equal military and kill some bugs.   Which is no easy feat.

…and the winner is….

1.  Galaxy Quest – Because it makes fun of me and all that I love in the most witty and hilarious way.  “Never give up.  Never surrender.”  🙂


Honorable Mentions:  Star Wars, Contact, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Waterworld, Tank Girl,  The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy, Gattaca, Blade, A.I., Red Planet, Sphere, Event Horizon, Resident Evil

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14 thoughts on “10 Best Sci-Fi Films…According to Me

  1. Mark says:

    what is the name of a recent movie, or dvd where it has a car with a woman in it, riding up high along the side of a glass building, similar to like the ghost rider movie, but its more of a futuristic movie … thanks.

  2. scales says:

    here’s my quick stab complete with lame justifications

    The Day the Earth Stood Still – Classic vision of wise peaceful aliens telling us to clean up our act.

    The Time Machine – The George Pal one. I love the look of the Time Machine itself, and the fantasy of having a time machine is great.

    Planet of the Apes – The original of course. I just love those apes, and their ape city.

    2001 – First because I love ‘ancient astronaut’ theories, next because I love seeing such a highminded treatment of a basically crank idea.

    Star Wars – I guess I have to mention it even though it’s probably more fantasy than science fiction (not that it’s any fun to argue the distinction). It was just such a mindblow in it’s day, and is still a very fun movie.

    Alien – Working class vision of life in outer space as a pain in the butt at best, a murderous nightmare at worst.

    The Thing – More horror than science fiction I guess but a great creepy movie.

    Dune – A very freaky but recognizably human far future society. I have to come down on the side of the Lynch version, the dude has tasted spice.

    The Matrix – A glum Star Wars for a new generation. And the first one just got so much right – off course fighting a computer program would involve shooting, or karate moves, just like in the video games.

    AI – I couldn’t decide on a 10th, but settled on this one because I feel like the movie made me wonder what would happen if humans could create an intelligence that was somehow just better than ourselves, kinder, more decent.

    You should do TV shows sometime too.

  3. Jesse says:

    War of the worlds.

  4. diremirth says:

    Oohh, good one. I knew I was bound to leave some out.

    And, I have not see Bladerunner. *Gasp! I think its a sacrilege or something… I must remedy that soon.

  5. Brian says:

    I’m proud of you for making a top xx list of movies. I must warn you to be prepared for a lot of dissent from people, but don’t take it personal because they probably haven’t even seen ten sci-fi movies. It would appear you and I have a similar taste in movies based on your list 🙂

    Yes – Event Horizon made it!

    Starship Troopers FTW.

  6. Cox says:

    I Am Legend was pretty good.

    But it’s entirely possible that I only think that because I saw it at the imax and was tricked into thinking it was a good movie by all the movement and shiny colors.

  7. diremirth says:

    Event Horizon is awesome in its creepiness. Loved it!

    I welcome the dissent of others. I love to chit-chat about these things. The “Ye Old Top Fiver” is hard to beat though. I do realize it is not a contest. Great name. Groovy logo. And, I think five is easier to pick than ten. Maybe I should do a new number…like 7.

    And, Cox, “I am Legend” was indeed good. I found the CGI a bit lack luster though… Everything was all fine until the zombie people. They just looked a bit too fake for me. Good book though.

    Maybe that’s another list…Top Sci-Fi/Fantasy books…I see the insanity of the snowball effect now…it’s happening.

  8. Jonathan says:

    What? No Star Trek?

    What about ST VI: The Undiscoverd Country, ST Generations, and ST First Contact? All great movies in my opinion. Of course…I’m the guy whose dad videotaped *EVERY SINGLE* episode of the Next Generation over many years…so I guess I am a little biased. There are also some TERRIBLE Star Trek movies, so it balances out.

    I agree about Dune. That is both a great book and movie (the original movie though is better though)

  9. Jonathan says:

    “though is better though”…

    honestly, who edits these things, honestly? 🙂

  10. diremirth says:

    I agree with you Jonathan, there does need to be some Star Trek up on the list. The reason I have not included it yet is because I just began my foray into the world of Star Trek. Currently I’m 3 seasons into Voyager (thank you Spike TV) and I’ve seen all of the Next Generation movies. You’re right that first contact is the best…and, if by TERRIBLE you mean “Nemesis” then we so are in agreement.

    This time next year I’m sure the list will be different. I hear “The Wrath of Khan” is something to behold. 🙂

    Oh, and I can’t wait until this December. The new Star Trek movie with the re-cast original series line-up. Makes me all happy inside just thinking about it!

  11. Jonathan says:

    Nemesis was awful. The Final Frontier was awful.

    Wrath was awesome. Soon you will understand the meaning of “Khaaaaaaaaaan!”

    New Trek movie looks fun, too. I like JJ Abrams because of LOST.

  12. diremirth says:

    Ah, Lost. The show I have been told I would love time and time again.

    I just need to break down and Netflix it.

  13. purduegirl says:

    Ok so agreement and dissent…

    10. Totally agree….”there’s a bug walking around in an Edgar suit.”
    9. Not so sure…I liked the first one, but after that they didn’t really finish anything up. (at least not in a way I could understand). And did Trinity have to die, honestly?
    8. Eh…so so. It was good, but not fabulous. (I will watch it again, and there is a good chance I may change my opinion).
    7. The main reason (thanks to you) that I can’t watch scary movies to this day. These movies can scar a young mind!
    6. Amazing…even though I had to leave while watching it the first time…(see above)
    5. Agree…good movie, but what I’ve seen of the TV series is better.
    4. Amazing….”I ain’t had nothin’ twixt my nithers…” nuf said.
    3. Very funny and enjoyable.
    2. Disagree….reason very similar to that of #7.
    1. Total and absolute concurrence….it is my favorite sci-fi movie too.

    I do believe you forgot one of your favorites…(or maybe you just don’t like it that much anymore). I couldn’t believe Evolution wasn’t on the list.

  14. diremirth says:

    Evolution is so one of my favs! *smacks hand on forehead!!! I can’t believe I forgot.

    And, I’m sorry for scaring you as a youth. What was my wee teenage self to do. I loved sci-fi and I made my less strong little sis watch them with me. It was cruel. Necessary but cruel.

    Hindsights 20/20 and all that…

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