iPhone 3G – 16gig Yeah. It’s that good.

I flipped out a month or so ago when Apple unveiled the new iPhone 3G.  The source of my hysteria stemmed mostly from the price, $199 and $299 respectively.  Other design features and speed improvements were also groovy, but it was the affordability that won me over.

Yesterday I did it.  I logged into Sprint.com for the last time and drove on over the Apple Store.  I first called AT&T and they told me that they had no iPhones at any store in the city BUT they would be happy to order me one. Hmmm.  Order me one?  I’m from the instant gratification generation.  I put the “i” in iPhone.  But, I am not without reason.

“So, AT&T how long is the wait?”

“Uhh. 14-21 days.”


*Ring.  *Ring.

“Apple Store.  This is cool guy.  What can I do for you?”

“Got any iPhones.”

“Sure. 16 gig only.  Black and white.”



So I went.  I love the Apple Store.  I waited in line for about 50 min with other people who think Apple is just as ridiculously amazing as I do.  I also read two chapters of “Claudius the God” because I’m the nerd that always has a book on me.  Once I got in the store it took all of 9 min to set me up.  Bye bye Sprint.  Hello AT&T.  We broke up in college when you were called Cingular and didn’t get reception in my dorm room.  But you’re cooler now so it works.

Perhaps I shall write a post soon extolling the virtues of the iPhone.  Right now I can’t think of anything better to say that “OMG!!!  IT’S SO AMAZING YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND!!!”  And that’s not particularly helpful.

Oh, and I had a PhoneSaber fight in the office yesterday.  I was in sci-fi heaven.  It’s love.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 3G – 16gig Yeah. It’s that good.

  1. Becky says:

    I’m so glad you’re blogging again.


  2. So you’ve finally been seduced by the dark side… *Sigh* Apple marketing is just too powerful.

    For now I’ll stick with my old school black Motorola V3, my Canon Ixus 60, my iPod Nano and my Nintendo DS. I think i need a new bag though…

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