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IntoSalsa – Lesson 1

Tonight has marked the end of my second Salsa lesson.  That’s Salsa dancing, not salsa the yummy Mexican side dish.

In my short tenure with the Salsa folks I have learned a few things.  They are not particularly important things, but let’s face it, not all the things we learn from day to day are all that crucial.

5. Salsa lessons NEVER start on time.  I don’t mind this at all, I just think it’s worth noting.  My 6 p.m. lesson tonight started at 6:25.  It feels very cool.  Very Latin.

4. Apparently practicing Salsa in ones living room is funny to observe.  My sister actually asked me if I was aware that I was doing the same three moves over and over again.  I said, “Yes.  That’s all we learned this week.”  She replied, “Well, you look silly.”  Thanks, Julie.  Thanks a lot.

3. Dancing Salsa employs new muscles in my calves.  In fact, the muscles are so infrequently used it has actually effected my running.  Every 1/4 mile or so I have to stop and stretch my right leg due to severe cramping.  Salsa I think you are fun, but I’ve had a long, long relationship with running.  You can’t break us up.  Stop trying.

2. The folks that take Salsa lessons are super cute.  Most of them are couples.  You can just tell that this is one of those “couple” things they are doing together.  The old couples are cute.  The young ones are cute.  Oh, bless.  Some of the older fellas who are there with their wives are priceless.  You can actually imagine how much prodding the wife had to do over their 30+ year marriage.  I get to see them in the place where he finally caved.  I love it.  Me, I’m there with Becky.  She did not have to be prodded over 30 years – one random email and she was in.  It’s a good couple activity and a good friend activity too.

1. Dancing by yourself is great.  Throw someone else in the mix and it gets all kinds of insane.  You can be fine –  on beat and everything.  Then the other person, a kindly gent I’m sure, is trying to lead you.  He may or may not be on beat.  You may or may not understand his signals to do various moves.  It’s complicated and frustrating.  But, Salsa is a partner dance.  Picture me getting used to it.

So far Salsa has been delightful.  I look forward to my further Latin music inspired adventures.  They have been interesting so far.  Not to mention that I’m sure there will be some happy South American boys over at the Red Room.  I stepped on a lot of feet last month, pre-lessons of course.  Most of them just smiled and said, “you should take lessons.”  To which I thought, why yes that’s a great idea.  But you see this is my first time at Latin Night, which I told you.  Plus, you’re the one who keeps asking me to dance.  I don’t mind looking like a fool so long as you don’t mind a few bruises on your feet.

Maybe now fewer feet will be bruised.  I know three steps and I can turn to the right.  All while moving my arms and hips.

I bet I still look silly when I practice in the living room…